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The first edition of Dainik Bhaskar Group was launched in Bhopal in 1958. In 1983, it entered Indore, the business center of Madhya Pradesh (MP). On the back of excellent editorial content - fair reporting and quality printing, it soon became the No. 1 newspaper in Indore and subsequently in the whole of Madhya Pradesh in 1995. This success in a market dominated by an incumbent enhanced the group's confidence to expand outside MP. In 1996 the Dainik Bhaskar Group zeroed in on Rajasthan as it was culturally similar to Madhya Pradesh and being a vast geographical territory offered scope for expansion. Moreover, Jaipur had high readership of Hindi dailies among SEC AB and high per capita income indicating potential to attract advertisers.
Traditional approach for launch of a newspaper was to produce a good paper and wait for readers to subscribe. However, Dainik Bhaskar Group took a leaf out of the automobile industry's book where pre-booking was a practice and pre-marketed the paper and got confirmed paid-up circulation. Dainik Bhaskar Group conceptualized a twin-contact program. The response was overwhelming. On the first day, Dainik Bhaskar Group had a circulation of 1.72 lakh copies and became the No.1 newspaper of Jaipur, Dainik Bhaskar Group expanded its operations in the whole state with Dainik Bhaskar.
After Rajasthan, Dainik Bhaskar Group targeted Chandigarh and Haryana as they lacked the presence of a strong Hindi paper. Although Chandigarh was considered an English newspaper market (Tribune, an English paper was the market leader), Dainik Bhaskar Group's research showed that people would be more comfortable with Hindi language newspaper and they patronized English newspaper only because of absence of a good Hindi newspaper. Within a short period of time, the group's newspaper - Dainik Bhaskar became the market leader.
Dainik Bhaskar Group then explored the remaining markets. Wanting to break the language barrier, it selected Gujarat which was also prosperous and had high literacy. With its focus on quality content, Dainik Bhaskar Group became a leading paper of Gujarat too. It then expanded into other cities and bought Saurashtra Samachar for making inroads into Saurashtra region in Gujarat. After the success in Gujarat, Dainik Bhaskar Group entered Punjab in 2006 and Jharkhand in 2010 with great success.
The quest for growth led DBG to launch its newspaper in Maharashtra in 2011. It has successfully launched in Aurangabad, Nasik, Jalgaon, Ahemdnagar, Solapur, Akola and Amravati.
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